Welcome to DISCO.

Welcome to a brave new world.

We believe the future of the law is great legal professionals empowered by great technology. As we begin this journey with you, we are committed to quickly getting you the right information, training, and services in a way that suits your unique needs. Complete the following steps to get started:

Setting Up Your New Case with DISCO

Starting a case is as easy as completing the New Matter Form found under the Submit a Request button on our support page (New Database Form).  Once you have submitted the form, DISCO Support will create your new matter.  It's that simple!

Next Steps

A DISCO PM will be in contact with you to set up a Kick Off Call. Information discussed at the Kick off Call will include an introduction to your services team, case background and status, overview of the expected data, pending deadlines, and the process for submitting your data to DISCO. After discussing your new case in detail, your Project Manager will work side by side with our Data Services team to create your new matter.  

Next, you will receive your "matter specific" FTP credentials. You can expect these credentials to be provided to you via email from your Services Team. If you have questions about how to send us data, you may book a time with a DISCO Data Specialist. This meeting is optional and will depend on your comfort level. 

Matter Login

You will receive an email with login instructions for your new matter. Once you set your new password, you can log in any time by going to the URL

3 Ways to Send Your Data

Choose from one of these three ways to send your data to DISCO.

  1. FTP Native Documents or Documents with a Load file
    If you would like us to ingest your data, or if your documents have been produced from another system with a load file, we recommend that you send us the data via secure FTP. Read how to send data via FTP HERE.

  2. Physically Ship Us Data
    If you have more than 100GB of data or would like to send us a physical hard drive, complete the Add Data to an Existing Matter Form. Print the form and include it inside of your parcel. Mail the data to:

    ℅ New Data
    4400 Post Oak Parkway
    Ste. 2700
    Houston, TX 77027

  3. Self-Ingest Natives
    If you have a small set of native documents (<10GB), we recommend you ingest these documents yourself. You may upload your data directly into DISCO from your browser of choice using DISCO's self-ingest feature.

Data Analysis and Ingest

After we confirm the arrival of your data, a Data Specialist will analyze and ingest the data into your new matter. If issues are found with your data, someone will reach out to you to discuss.


Our team will continue to monitor your matter. If you have any questions or concerns contact support via or 877•941•0583. Or contact your assigned Project Manager!

We look forward to working with you!

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