Productions - How to de-duplicate productions?

Question: If you have a  prior production and you run another production, would the second production deduplicate against that?

Answer: We do not de-duplicate productions against each other (there are de-dupe options within each production, but I don't think that is what you are asking about). Each production stands on its own and doesn't impact future productions. If you wish to de-duplicate productions, there is search syntax that could help you do that by excluding prior productions from subsequent ones.

For example, go into your DISCO matter. From the top menu choose Create > Productions. Choose to "Search for produced documents" from a given, prior production.

Once you've completed the search, mass tag these produced documents.

Next, create your new production. From the top menu choose Create > Productions > Create New. Filter the new production By tag. Make sure to exclude documents tagged with your production tag.

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