Release for February 29, 2016: Workflow and document review enhancements

At DISCO, we are listening to your feedback and working hard to make sure the product meets your unique needs. Here are new features coming to all of your active databases* this Tuesday.

Workflow Enhancements

Family Aware Batching

Now in Workflow, you have the option to include documents that are part of the family of any documents responsive to the source query. Furthermore, this option ensures that families are kept together in a batch. This will allow for more efficient reviewing of documents.

Email and Notification When a Reviewer is Added to a Stage

When you add new reviewers to a stage for the first time, you can now send them an email to let them know. An in-app notification is also generated. Reviewers can click on the link in the email or notification to be taken to the review stage to which they have been added.

Select Group of Tags in Decision Pane Builder

When you are building and configuring your the Decision Pane for your review stage, now you can select a tag group to add it as available tags for your reviewers. Navigate to the top menu Manage > Review Stages. Configure an existing stage by clicking on the gear icon for a given stage, or create a new stage. In the Review Decisions tab for the stage settings, now when you add any of the tag review components, you will see an option to select and include a group of tags in the Decision Pane. For example, if you have 10 tags in the Issues tag group, selecting the group will drop in all 10 of these tags into the review component you have chosen.

Document Review Enhancements

Full-Page Redactions

Now you have the ability to redact entire pages and page ranges when reviewing documents. For example, when viewing a 10-page document, you can specify to redact pages 1, 3-6, 7, 10. Then select a redaction color and reason before saving the redaction to apply it.

Share Your Documents from DISCO's Doc Viewer

Share a single document with another DISCO user directly within DISCO. When viewing a document, you'll notice a "share" icon in the upper right corner. Click here to share the document with a colleague or user via an in-app notification or email. This will allow any user (admin, reviewer, and restricted reviewer) to share documents with any non-restricted user (admin and reviewer). The recipient can then click on the link in the email or notification to access the document once they log in with their credentials. Note that you can not share documents with users who do not have credentials to your database in DISCO.

Increase Redaction Font Size

You will also notice that now the font size for redactions is larger to make them more legible.

Multi-page Arrows

When viewing a multi-page document, now you can easily navigate from one page to the next in that document using pagination arrows.

* = databases on V1 of DISCO, launched before 2015, will not be receiving these updates.

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