How to migrate from Relativity to DISCO

Migration needs can vary from case to case and platform to platform. Therefore we always encourage you to discuss your migration with us first.  To discuss your migration needs, please reach out to


There are some basic components needed for all migrations, which are listed here:


  1. Metadata (.DAT) load file that includes:
    1. Unique identifier (BEGDOC or DOCID) that links the metadata .DAT file with the .OPT and natives
    2. Family identifiers (BEGATT or ParentID)
    3. All metadata they would like to migrate
    4. All work product (Notes, fields, folder names, tags)
      1. Each should be in a separate column
  2. Image (.OPT) load files
  3. Include ALL Natives in the export. 
  4. Images for documents that were produced with the correct stamps on the images, they do not need to be named after the production number but must reference back to the .DAT / .OPT. 
    1. All redactions should be burned into the images
  5. We do not need the text unless the client would like us to use theirs for searching purposes.



To learn more about load files and image options, click here.


Some premium services may be required for the following items:

  1. Re-creating Relativity work product (such as folders)
  2. Relativity saved searches are similar to DISCO folders. To migrate these saved searches, one would need to run a search or pull up the documents in Relativity that are within the saved search and identify them so that we can ingest them into DISCO with said identifier, search on that field, and then mass folder the documents into a DISCO folder.
  3. To recreate your searches as DISCO Saved Searches, we need a list of the document identifier (BEGDOC) of the documents for each search along with search syntax to recreate.
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