Release for March 14, 2016: Tag and reporting enhancements

At DISCO, we are listening to your feedback and working hard to make sure the product meets your unique needs. Here are new features coming to all of your active databases* this Tuesday.

Tag Enhancements

Create Tags On-The-Fly

To make your review easier, you may now create tags directly from the document review screen. This feature will allow you to quickly create new tags as you view documents without needing to leave the document viewer. Simply place your cursor in the tagging pane and begin typing the name of a tag, as you would usually do, to locate an existing tag. If the tag does not already exist, DISCO will give you the option to create a new tag and assign it to a tag group. This capability is available for users with the role(s) of administrator or reviewer. A restricted reviewer may not add a new tag on-the-fly.

"Removed Tag" Search Syntax

Next, for any database created 02/16/2016 or after, you now have the ability to search who removed tags, and what tag(s) they removed. Similar to the tag() syntax, you may use the following search syntax:

Syntax Description
removedTag(responsive) Any documents from which the responsive tag was removed by anyone
removedTag(by Any documents from which any tags were removed by
removedTag(responsive & by Any documents from which the responsive tag was removed by
removedTag(by & on 10/16/2015 Any documents from which any tag was removed by on 10/16/2015
removedTag(responsive by & after 10/16/2015) Any documents from which the responsive tag was removed by after 10/16/2015

Report Enhancements

Expanded Search Index Columns

Per popular request, you now have several more columns of metadata added to the search index. To run a search index, complete the following steps:

  1. Complete a search in your database
  2. From the results screen, click on the control option "Download Results Index"
  3. The system will create and download an excel file of your search results index. You can also download this file later from the reports page. The Search Index columns include:
    id Reference ID Doc Type Custodian Family Date
    Create Date Last Modified Send Date Path FileName
    Author Page Count File Length Doc. Extension Dedupe Hash
    to from cc bcc Recipients
    Subject BatesNumbers Tags Folders Doc. Notes
    Privilege Notes Parent Count Child Count Total Copies Has Redactions
    Redaction Reasons        

Bates Number as a Column in the Privilege Log

Lastly, when you create and download a privilege log in DISCO, you will now see an additional column, Bates Number, in the log. [This column will provide any bates numbers that have been appended to privileged documents.] To create a new privilege log, complete the following steps:

  1. First, complete a review of your database documents. Any document that is tagged with a privilege tag or has a redaction added to the document will automatically be added to the Privilege Log.
  2. From the top menu: Create > Privilege Log.
  3. Select the control option "Download Privilege Log". 

To re-run a privilege log, you may also go into the top menu: Analyze > Reports > Privilege Log > Download.

* = databases on V1 of DISCO, launched before 2015, will not be receiving these updates.

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