Red notification banner in DISCO

You may have noticed a big red banner at the very most top of your database.

Why is it there?

The answer is, we use this red banner to keep our customers informed of when they can expect an outage. 

Why is my database going to have an outage?

The reason for the outage is one of two things: (1) routine maintenance or (2) migrating to a more up to date version of DISCO.

Routine Maintenance:

Routine maintenance is done in order to maintain system performance, reliability, security, and stability of the DISCO infrastructure. We will run routine maintenance jobs every so often during the life of a database if we make a substantive change to our software architecture. 

Migrating to a more up to date version of DISCO:

DISCO will shut down your database momentarily in order to upgrade your database to be housed in our MOST up to date version. 

When does an outage usually happen?

Each outage usually happens between 8pm-6am. 

How far in advance will my red banner notify me of this outage BEFORE this outage begins?

We give our clients one week's notice before a scheduled outage.

What will this red banner notification say?

The red banner will display the starting date of the outage as well as a countdown to the exact second it starts.

What happens if this outage cuts into an important deadline that I can NOT miss?

This is no problem! Contact DISCO support at We would be happy to reschedule your outage at a more convenient time. However, there will be times your outage is mandatory and can not be rescheduled. 

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