Release for November 8, 2016: Family inclusion search

Reviewers often want to view documents in the context of their entire family, so that they can understand the relationships between documents and tag family members consistently. Family Search allows reviewers to "include all family members" when conducting a search in DISCO, ensuring that documents related to any search hits are returned as part of the results set.

How does this work? When Family Search is enabled, DISCO doesn't simply pull in additional documents. DISCO keeps families together within the search results view, while also indicating which particular documents within each family are relevant to the search query.

How do I enable Family Search?  Family Search is enabled by selecting the ‘plus family members’ button to the very left of the magnifying glass, as shown below:

Running a search with Family Search toggled off will return only search hits. However, if you click on the “include all family members” icon, the search will re-run and family members will automatically supplement the results set. When using this option, families will be sorted by Family Date and documents within a family are sorted in hierarchical order.


Families in the results are denoted with a dog ear in the upper left hand corner of the family head, as well as a thick band along the left hand side of the entire family. If you hover over the dog ear, DISCO will display a blue banner including the family date, document count, and number of search hits in that family. Reviewers also have the ability to select all members of a family by checking the box in the banner, which they can use to mass tag family members consistently.



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