Release for August 30, 2016: Visual search

Visual Search

Search Visualization

Traditionally, users of e-discovery software have not had a comprehensive way to visualize the documents in their databases and explore them for trends and various analyses.  DISCO’s Search Visualization allows users to easily:

  1. View the underlying metadata of their documents from search results at one glance.
  2. Explore their database by selecting one or more metadata values to dive in deeper.
  3. Promote interesting findings as part of their search to use elsewhere, such as Review Stages and Productions.
  4. See all or any relevant subset of a database's documents on a timeline.


Many DISCO users want to simplify searching, especially for repetitive searches where they are often using the same criteria. DISCO's new filtering functionality allows users to quickly filter their search results by Tags, Custodians, or Document Types (with additional filters coming soon). Users no longer need to type search syntax to narrow their results, but instead are presented with multiple options, along with dynamic filter counts.

Think of Filters as searching made simple and Search Visualization as the database index made visible.

*All databases created on or after 08/30/2106 will have Visual Search.

For more information on how to use Search Visualization and Filters in DISCO, please use the following links:

Search Visualization User Manual

Filters User Manual

To read more on Visual Search use cases, please use the following link:

Visual Search: Use Cases

 If you have any questions, please contact

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