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Many DISCO users want to simplify searching, especially for repetitive searches that use the same criteria. DISCO's new filtering functionality will allow you to quickly filter your search results by Tags, Custodians, etc. Simply narrow your results with a few clicks, and then be presented with the full list of options along with filter counts.

How do I use filters in DISCO?

Enter your desired search terms into the search bar on your DISCO database document list. Below, there are now 1,066 results.

Turn Filters on by selecting the "Filters" icon on the very left of your DISCO database.

To display all tags within a tag group, click on the plus sign next to that tag group.

To select a Custodian from the entire list of Custodians, select the "Show all" button at the very bottom of the Custodians Filter section. The same holds true also for Doc Types.

Selecting a Filter in one metadata field will affect the counts displayed in other metadata fields:

Before selecting the Tag, 'Abba':

After selecting the Tag, 'Abba':

Each time you select a Filter, the Filter you selected is now displayed as a pill under your search bar. 

To apply your selections once they have been made, you will select the 'Apply to search' button on the very right, under the search bar.

Once you have selected 'Apply to search', the selected pills will be promoted directly underneath the search bar. Now that your selections have been promoted to the search bar, they become part of your search history, therefore, your selections are saveable. To save your filter selection(s) you may choose to save your search by selecting the 'Save Search' button on the right above the search bar.

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