Using tag colors for better visualization

As a reviewer in DISCO, you will first navigate to ‘Management > Tags’ to set up your tag group colors. To assign a color to your tag group, first, you will click on the tag group you wish to assign a color to. From there, you will use the color drop down menu to select the desired color. This drop down menu of colors is just to the left of the delete icon.

After assigning colors to your tag groups, the assigned colors will be displayed next to each tag group in the All Tags menu:

You will know if you successfully assigned a color to a tag group when you see the color selected in a “lock” icon when the tag group is selected.

Now that I have my tag group colors set up, how will they look when applying tags in my DISCO review database?

When mass tagging documents from your DISCO database home screen, you will notice when browsing a tag to select, each tag group’s color is displayed in a box to the left of the tag group title:

After selecting which tag to apply, the tag selected will be displayed in a solid color box, representing which group that tag is part of:

When applying a tag to a single document, the color schemes remain the same.

Selecting a tag:

Display of tag group color after tag is selected in the document viewer:

Please submit a ticket to support if you have any questions or concerns. 

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