Release for October 24, 2016: Folder iconography update

DISCO’s Folders feature has a new look! The Folders icon is consistent across all locations.

The Folders feature icon next to the Search Bar:

The Identical icon for the feature Folders is located in the ‘All Results’ Menu:

When you navigate to Manage > Folders, the same icon is used, but hollow with either a plus sign or a minus sign. The plus sign expresses there are subfolders inside that are not currently being displayed. You will click on this plus sign to display the subfolders within the parent folder:

Parent folder not displaying sub-folders (plus signs displayed):

Parent folder displaying sub-folders (minus signs displayed):

As you may have noticed from the image above, when you select the plus sign to display the sub-folders within the parent folder, the plus sign turns into a minus sign.

When browsing a Folder on your DISCO homepage (located to the left of the search bar), the browsing drop-down menu displays the hollow Folders icon, again showing a plus sign where there are sub-folders within the parent folder. The symbol for ‘Documents not in any folder’ looks like a stack of papers:

When reviewing a document, the Folders feature icon is shown as such:

When selecting ‘Folder’ in the document viewer, the display follows the same plus and minus sign sequence with the options to ‘Expand all’ or ‘Collapse all’ folders:

Areas where the folder icon has not changed.

Two areas where the folders icon has not changed are 1. selecting a folder from the folder browser on the homepage and 2. viewing documents on your DISCO matter homepage:

Selecting a Folder:

Folders feature display on each document on your DISCO matter homepage:

Summary of Folder Iconography Icon Changes:


*This Folder iconography update is now in effect on all matters and databases regardless of creation date or version.


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