Release for December 6, 2016: Produced version in the document viewer

If a document has been produced, DISCO users did not have an easy way to see the produced version of that document. Not only was there not an easy indication of a document having been produced, but to view the produced version, you would have to download a file and open it separately. We agreed with our users that this was a problem so we are introducing Produced Version in the Document Viewer!

This new feature displays the produced version of a document if it has been produced in DISCO, right in the document viewer by default. Furthermore, users can easily download any produced version of the document. Users can also switch between the original version and produced version.

If a document has been produced multiple times, users can easily switch between the different produced versions. When they view other documents, the app will remember their selection and show the most relevant produced version of all subsequent documents. Additionally, any global terms and search terms will be highlighted on the produced versions, just like on the original version of the document. When viewing the produced version of a document, users can choose to see the PDF or the OCR text of that document.

Please note, if a document was produced as native and that version is selected, DISCO will display the produced slip sheet followed by the document.

This feature is available to all new databases created on or after 12/06/2016.

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