Release for December 6, 2016: Fields

In the past, DISCO users could not create a custom field outside of the standard available fields that can be used to capture additional information. With Fields, Admins can now easily create a field which will then be available for users to edit when viewing a document in the Document Viewer or reviewing a document in a Review Stage.

This feature introduces two key capabilities:

  1. The ability for users to easily create custom fields which they can use and edit when reviewing documents.
  2. The ability to control which users have visibility and access to these Fields.

Feel Secure with Fields

An admin in the system has the capability to control user access to each field. This access control is beneficial in certain situations, such as a joint defense case or a case with multiple teams. If there is confidential information needing to be stored and connected to a document, this confidential information will only be accessible to the users who have been granted permission.

Searching Document Fields

Users can use search to find documents containing specific words in Fields. Additionally, users can use search documents which contain data in any given Field.

To learn more on how to set up and search Fields in your DISCO database, please read 'How to Set Up Fields in DISCO.'

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