How to add ingest report details to a custom view in search

The following fields have been added to the Ingest Report and can now be added as columns to custom views.

Billing Size Has Image Ingest Type
Custodian Has Native Is Detected Email
File Extension Has OCR Is Processed as Native
File Size Has Search Text Processing Details
Filename Has Wrong Extension Processing Status
File Path Hash Type
Has Detected Slipsheet Hidden Content Summary  
Has Hidden Content Image Size  


To add Ingest Report fields to your view, select Customize. Processing outcome fields and ingest session specific fields are found in the View Builder under the Ingest section. Choose your fields from the pick list and click Save to create a new Shared view.

Click Apply to see processing outcomes and ingest session information for your files.  Fields that start with “Has” or “Is” will display a checkmark to indicate “Yes” or will be blank to indicate “No.”


The ability to add Ingest Reports fields to a custom view is available on all new databases created after January 29, 2018.

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