Release for February 2, 2018: Conversation threading and inclusive identification from non-native emails

DISCO can now create email conversation threads and identify inclusive emails from email images, even if no email natives or thread metadata are provided.

This means conversation threading and inclusive emails are now available for

  1. collections of scanned or otherwise imaged email (TIFF, JPG, PDF) without natives (PST, EML, MSG, etc.); and
  2. productions from opposing parties where only images are produced and thread metadata is not included in the load file or is unreliable.

When natives are provided, DISCO threads email using header information in the native files. We then identify inclusive email by comparing the text of each and identify those emails whose text is wholly included in other emails.

When only images are provided, most systems are not able to thread email because the images do not contain this header information. And most systems are not able to identify inclusive emails because the images contain extraneous text, such as Bates stamps or email signature footers, that make it difficult to determine whether one email is wholly included in another email.

With this release, DISCO overcomes these problems, and makes threading and inclusive emails available for all email collections and productions, whether uploaded as natives or as images.


Conversation threading and inclusive identification for non-native emails will be available for databases created after 2/5/2018.  

Learn more about Conversation Threading and Inclusive Emails here. Have additional questions? Please contact

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