How to perform mass actions

Mass actions help you to gather, organize, categorize, and report on document sets en masse.  The following actions can be taken using mass actions:

  • Tagging
  • Foldering
  • Batch printing
  • Adding to exhibit set(s)
  • Exporting a document list

The icons for mass action icons will appear grayed out until there is an active search or documents are selected from the Document List

Once a search is run, the mass action icons will be active and available to select.  It is important to note that Add to Exhibit Sets is limited to 1,000 documents or less. If your search exceeds 1,000 documents the icon will continue to be grayed out until the search is refined.

By default, DISCO will mass action all documents in your search results.

You can use the checkboxes in the Document List to limit your search results or to select documents when outside of an active search.

The number of selected documents will appear in the results area to the left of the mass action icons.

Remember, documents selected from the Documents List will stay checked until you either click on the DISCO Logo or click on Uncheck all to clear the checkboxes.


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