Release for April 2, 2018: Folder permissions

Folder permissions let you control who can see, use, and manage your folders.  These permissions control the access to the folder but do not permit the documents within.

When you create a folder, you can make it private (accessible only to you) or public (accessible to everyone on the database) or create a custom set of permissions for it. 


When you select Custom, you can control which users or roles have each level of access to your folder:

  • None: User will not be able to see that the folder exists.
  • View: User will be able to see the folder and the documents it contains.
  • Use: User will be able to add/remove documents to the folder.
  • Manage: User will be able to delete the folder, add subfolders, and configure its permissions.


Learn more about how to add permission to folders or contact support at

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