How to update document permissions

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To add permissions to a specific role or user:

  1. Click the menu button, then Users & Roles under Matter.
  2. Select Roles.Menu__Users___Roles__Roles.gif
  3. Create a new custom role. You can start from scratch by selecting + New custom role in the left sidebar or by selecting an existing role and clicking the copy icon.
  4. Type a label in the Role name field.
  5. Update the settings in Feature Permissions and Work Product Permissions if necessary. Note that if you do not allow a role to view a work product, they will not be able to edit those work products in any documents, regardless of their document permission level.
  6. Set the Default Document Access. This will apply to all documents. In the next section, you can create custom rules that will serve as exceptions to the default document access. If there are no custom rules in the Rules section, then this access level will apply to every document in the database.
  7. Add a custom rule by selecting + Create a new rule. You can also select Apply an existing rule if there is a rule used for another role that you want to apply to this role.
  8. If you’d like to reference the rule later, add a name to the Rule name (optional) field.
  9. Click the Select a condition… pull-down menu and select one of the options to limit the document set. Note that if you select has a certain custodian, the rule will apply to all documents with that custodian listed, even if the document has other custodians.
  10. Click Set condition. You can have up to two conditions for each rule.
  11. Click the Select an access level… pull-down menu and select one of the permission levels.
  12. The menu to the right of for users with the automatically lists the current role. You can select a different role instead.
  13. Click Save.DocSet.gif
  14. Under Rules, you will see a plain English description of the rule and a count of the number of documents that the rule applies to. You can select the new window icon to search for the applicable documents.Screen_Shot_2018-07-05_at_11.51.16_AM.png
  15. To edit or delete specific rule, click the menu icon, then the appropriate option.Picture15.png
  16. If you want to add another rule, repeat steps 7-13.
  17. At the top of the page, click on Create Role.Screen_Shot_2018-07-05_at_11.52.15_AM.png
  18. You're done!

You can always edit document permissions by navigating to the Roles tab, selecting the role, and clicking on the edit button. 

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