Release for April 9, 2018: Enhanced batch printing and hidden content

Enhanced batch printing

The DISCO app includes three new batch printing settings: Include text file, include near-native images for native documents, and print documents as native by tag.

Include text file

This option allows you to include a text file for each printed document. The text file will be text provided by our optical character recognition (OCR) engine, the text that was provided via an ingested load file, or an overlay.

If the document was produced outside of DISCO, this option will take into account any redactions that were in the document at the time of production.

Print as native by tag  

This option allows you print only documents with specific tags as native documents. Documents without the tag(s) you select will be printed as near-native images.

Include near-native images for native documents

Previously, you had to choose to print a document as a native or as a near-native image. With this option, you can print both the native and near-native versions at the same time.

Some file types do not have near-native images, such as audio and visual files, so they will always only print as native documents.

Showing hidden content for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents

DISCO can now detect additional hidden content in Microsoft Office documents:





Hidden text

Invisible text*



Hidden slides

Invisible text*

Speaker notes


Hidden columns

Hidden rows

Hidden sheets

Very hidden sheets

Invisible Text*


Unsupported formulas




*Invisible text is text that is the same color as the document’s background. For example, white text on a white background

For each ingest, the administrator will determine which Word and PowerPoint hidden content to show in the document viewer. Certain Excel hidden content, such as hidden columns and worksheets, are always visible in the spreadsheet viewer. Some hidden content, such as macros and unsupported formulas, are detected and listed as "Unrevealed" in the metadata panel of the spreadsheet viewer.

For more information, see How to search for hidden content.

These changes apply to all new databases created on or after April 9, 2018.

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