Deactivation, archive, and vault

If you no longer need a database in DISCO Review, you have two main options: deactivation and vault.

What is deactivation?

If you will not need your data at a later date, you can deactivate your database. This process permanently deletes all your data from DISCO. Deactivated databases cannot be restored.

What is archive?

Archiving is an optional step in the deactivation process. Before deactivation is complete, we can archive your documents by running a production of all your documents. We then send you the data via FTP or on an external hard drive.

Archived data includes all documents (the natives, near natives, text files, and metadata) and work product (tags, document notes, privilege notes, custom fields, redactions, and metadata redactions). It does not include some application data, such as folders, exhibit sets, predictive scores, review metrics, review stages, and saved searches. If you want to save this information, you should vault your database instead.

How to deactivate a database

Typically, a 30-day notice is required before deleting a database.  

  1. Fill out and submit the Deactivate a Matter form.
  2. DISCO will email and/or call you. If you want your data archived, indicate that in your reply.

What is vault?

Vaulting is a storage option in which all your data is maintained for a reduced price. You can vault either an entire database or a subset of documents in an active database.

When documents are vaulted, the documents are stored in DISCO but not accessible to you. When you restore the documents, you will have access to the natives, near natives, metadata, tags, folders, exhibit sets, predictive scoring, review metrics, and all other data that was in the vaulted database.

How to vault data

  1. If you want to vault a subset of documents, instead of an entire database, create a folder in your database for the documents. Add all the documents you want vaulted to the folder.
  2. Navigate to the Submit a Ticket form.
  3. In the form, include the following information:
    1. Whether you want to vault the entire database or a subset of documents
    2. The name of the review database
    3. If you are vaulting a subset of documents, the name of the folder the documents are in
  4. Your documents will be vaulted 30 days from the day you submit your request.
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