Using the mass-action log

The mass action log is available for databases created after November 19, 2018.

The mass-action log lists all mass tag and mass folder actions that have been performed in the review database.

To navigate to the log, click Mass-Action Log in the main menu.


You can use the filters for date, user or role, and type of action in the top right to narrow down the list of actions. For example, you could search for mass tags applied by a specific user in the last week.


You can rollback any completed mass actions that have not already been rolled back by using the Rollback button to the right of the mass action.


Rolling back an action will return the documents in question to the state they were in when the mass action was applied. This means that the tag or folder may not necessarily be removed. For example, Document A was tagged as Responsive by Maria on Monday. Then, on Tuesday, Emily mass tags a set of documents (which includes Document A) with Responsive. If you roll back Emily’s mass action, Document A will still be tagged Responsive.

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