Release for January 14, 2019: Additional recent decisions and family navigation

These two features are in walk stage, meaning that all new databases have them.

Recent decisions

The "Recent decisions" panel in the document viewer now includes both tags and notes, which can be copied and pasted easily to your current document.

To apply previous tags and notes, review and code at least one document in the document viewer. Then, navigate to the next document by clicking the next arrow.Image__1_.png

In the Recent decisions section, click the tags or notes that you want to be added to the current document. They will appear in the box in the upper right. (You can delete any tag using the X in the top right corner.)

You can similarly copy over any user-defined fields, notes, or privilege notes.


You can apply your copied tags, notes, and fields to your current document, the current document and its attachments, or the current document's entire family using the "Apply changes to" dropdown menu.


Family navigation

Navigating family relationships in the document viewer now shares the same interface as you see when browsing conversations. You can hover over a parent or child document in the sidebar to see expanded information about that document. To navigate to that document, simply click it. Family tagging will continue to be used via tagging propagation.


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