Release for February 5, 2019: Improved document deletion and instance list export

These two features are in crawl stage, meaning they are only available to a few review databases and/or organizations.

Document deletion

Document deletion used to require organizations to contact DISCO's Customer Success team to request that documents are culled from the database. Now, database administrators can delete documents from the database without any help from DISCO! 

For instructions on how to delete documents, see our how-to article.

Instance list export

Previously, you were only able to export a document list, which only contained deduplicated documents. This means that even if a document has multiple instances (say, it is an email that was collected from two custodians' computers), it appears in an exported document list as a single item.

Now, you are also able to export an instance list, which lists only the document instances you select. If you want a specific custodian's instance of an email, then the instance list will list that version of the document. If you want to include more than one instance of a document in your instance list, there will be multiple entries in your exported list.

To export an instance list, perform the export mass action normally, then select the Instance Report in the Report type dropdown menu.



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