Creating and managing exhibits

You’re tasked with keeping track of the master set of deposition exhibits, which fortunately are numbered consecutively in your case. Unfortunately, locating and arranging them has proved more difficult than expected.  To whom did the court reporter send the last set of transcripts again? How in the world will you corral all of the exhibits into one place for remote access by the entire team--since the depositions are continuous but are taken by different attorneys, different parties, and different court reporters! By the end of this short tutorial, you will be able to:

  1. Add exhibits into one, compiled (ever expanding) set within DISCO
  2. Efficiently manage the exhibits throughout discovery
  3. Store the depositions for easy access and printing by all the members of your team.

Begin the process by ingesting the exhibits into DISCO. After you receive the PDF version of deposition exhibits from the court reporter, send them to a compressed zip folder. Then, drag-and-drop the zip into the DISCO Ingest Natives screen. For more information on using the self-ingest tool, see Preparing your files for ingest and choosing an ingest method.

Next, search for the documents in DISCO, most simply by clicking the notification bell and accessing the ingest of the exhibits. Use the control option Add to exhibit Set. Create a new set or add your documents to an existing set. We’ll add ours to a set called “Deposition Exhibits”, for example.


Navigate to the administration screen by going to the menu PRESENT > Exhibit Sets and click Open for the DEPOSITION EXHIBIT set. Click Change to review and rearrange the order of the documents to make sure they are correct. You may optionally label and add a title/description to each exhibit. The label and title/description will appear on the index and cover sheet when downloaded. Click Save to save your changes.


When you want to download your exhibit set, click the Create New Download button. A few options to note:

  • For “How should we output the documents?”, if you’re planning on making hard copies, we suggest to print all in one PDF.
  • Second, include index.
  • Lastly, select cover sheets, making sure to "include titles/descriptions".

Click Create at the bottom of the page to begin your download. DISCO will queue your download; a notification will be created once the download has completed.  


You now have a cloud-based repository from which to access and manage all of your exhibits during a case. 

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