Sorting in DISCO

Sorting in DISCO

To sort your documents in DISCO, go to the Sort by dropdown list found above the Document List View.  


Relevance sorting is the "default" sort order returned in DISCO when any search is run in the search bar. Relevance sorts results according to their degree of responsiveness to a search. It's most commonly applicable to words or phrase searches, but applies to all DISCO searches. In this way, DISCO tries to give you the results that you want, and in the order that is most important. Web search engines, such as Google, perform something similar when you run a search.

In general, relevance sorting is based on an algorithm that creates a score created using the number of "hits" for any search term, and weighted according to the relative location of the hits.  For example, a document with five hits is more relevant than a document with a single hit.  Additionally, a hit in a subject field is accorded slightly more weight than a hit in the body. If the result of the algorithm is a "tie" then DISCO will sort the ties according to ID numbers.

Secondary sorting

DISCO also offers the ability to select a secondary sort option. After applying a sort, if you hover near the sort dropdown, you will see a “then by” option, which offers you dozens of attributes from which to select your secondary sort.


Primary sort options

Work Product Tags Specific Tag Status
Specific Tag Predictions
Tag Count
Redactions Has Redaction
Has Redaction Reason
Has Redaction Without Reason
Folders Folder Count
Notes Has Document Note
Has Privilege Note
Productions Bates Number
Specific Bates Prefix
Metadata                             Custodian Custodian
Dates* Date (DISCO Date)
Conversation Date
Create Date
Family Date
Last Accessed Date
Last Modified Date
Last Printed Date
Received Date
Sent Date
File Info Document Type
Billing Size
File Extension
Image Size
File Path
File Size
Page Count
Character Count
Hidden Content Has Hidden Content
Hidden Sheets
Very Hidden Sheets
Speaker Notes
Identifiers  Document ID
Reference ID
Email Specific Subject
Related Documents   Attachment Count  
Conversation Count  
Similar Count  
Ingest   Sessions Processing Status
Ingest Type
Processing Info   Processing Details
Has Image
Has Native
Has Search Text
Is Detected Email
Has Detected Slipsheet
Is Processed as Native
Has Wrong Extension

*For documents that come in without a date, the system populates a date of 12/31/9999.


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