Creating a custom ingest report

Ingest reports contain a lot of information, so they can be very useful during document review. But there may be more information in these reports than you need for a particular task. In that case, you can create a custom ingest report that includes only the fields you need.

To create a custom ingest report:

  1. Search for the documents you want to include in the custom ingest report. 
  2. Create a custom view that includes the specific ingest fields that you want to include in your custom ingest report. See How to add ingest report details to a custom view in search for more information.
  3. Click Export document list to export your search with your new view.export-document-list.png

The selected fields will be exported to Excel.

  • In the document list view, fields that start with “Has” or “Is” will display either a checkmark to indicate Yes or will be blank to indicate No.
  • In the Excel export, these fields will be populated with either Yes or No. 


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