Release for November 20, 2017: Tagging decisions can be repeated

In our continuing efforts to deliver the fastest, most intuitive platform on the market, DISCO is proud to announce Same as Last and Copy from Previous Tagging capabilities.  This functionality permits users to leverage prior coding decisions on the document they are currently viewing.  This allows for faster coding of similar documents and greater consistency during your review.

 Within DISCO’s Standard Document Viewer, you will now see Recent Decisions at the bottom of the Tag Pane.  The Recent Decisions area will display your last five sets of tagging choices and allows you to quickly choose to apply any of those tags or tag combinations to your current document. 


If you have not applied any tags to any documents, you will not see any choices under Recent Decisions.  However, once you have applied tags to at least one document in DISCO you will be able to see and select previous coding decisions when you move to the next document.  For example, apply the tags Responsive and Trading to your first document (as seen below) then click the Next Arrow.


When you advance to the next document (see below), the tags Responsive and Trading will now appear in the Recent Decisions area.  To add those two tags to the current document, you can click on the Circled Checkmark which appears to the right of the tag names.  You can also click on the individual tag names in the Recent Decisions section to apply that specific tag.


If you prefer keyboard shortcuts, you can use the following to add recently used tags and advance to the next document.

  • SHIFT + ; - Applies the most recent tag decision to the current document.
  • CTRL + ; - Applies the most recent tag decision to the current document and advances you to the next document (For Mac OS the shortcut is: ALT + ; ).

As you continue to advance through your documents, DISCO will keep the last five unique tagging decisions displayed in the Recent Decisions area.  Whenever one of your tagging decisions includes the removal of a tag, DISCO will denote that removal by placing a line through the tag name.


It is important to note that while you can copy your prior tagging decisions to your current document, you are not limited to only those tags.  For example, if you apply your prior Responsive and Trading tag decision to the next document, you can still add the Hot tag as well. 


Furthermore, when the Recent Decisions section is collapsed, you can click on the Circled Check to apply the same tagging decisions from the last document to your current document.

It is important to note that when you choose to add tags from the Recent Decisions area, DISCO will not replace any existing tags unless the selection you choose contains a tag removal.  For example, let’s say you were currently reviewing a document that had already been tagged as Responsive (as see below).


If you choose to add the Hot and FERC tags, DISCO will add those tags to the current document while leaving it tagged as Responsive.


However, if you choose the second option that includes Non-Responsive, Not Privilege and Responsive with a line through it, DISCO will add the Non-Responsive and Not Privilege tags and remove the existing Responsive tag.



 Copy from Previous tagging (often referred to as Ditto) is available within DISCO’s Review Stages.  When constructing the Decision Pane Editor, you will notice the new Tagging Preference area.  Here you can make decisions about Tag Propagation, Conversation tagging, viewing of Predictive tag scores, and providing reviewers with the ability to Copy from previous.


The reviewers will see several new features on the Decision Pane, such as the icon and the ability to display keyboard shortcuts including combination shortcuts.


Once a reviewer has tagged the first document in their batch and advanced to the next document, they can hover over the icon to display the tag(s) applied to the prior document.  If the document’s tags are different than the previous document, they can click on the icon to match this document’s tagging to the previous one. 


At anytime, reviewers can display the available keyboard shortcuts by holding down either the SHIFT, CTRL (Windows), ALT (Mac OS) keys. You can use the following keyboard shortcuts to copy the tags from the previous document.

  • SHIFT + “ - Copies the previous document’s tags to the current document.
  • CTRL + ; - Copies the previous document’s tags to the current document, marks it as reviewed, and advances to the next document in the batch (For Mac OS the shortcut is: ALT + ; ).




This feature is available in all databases created on or after 11/20/2017.  If you have any questions on Same as Last or Copy from Previous Tagging, please do not hesitate to contact DISCO Support at with your questions and we will be happy to help!


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