Term highlighting

There are two ways to highlight terms within DISCO: Search Hits or Term Highlighting. To administer both, navigate to the menu Manage > Term Highlights.

From here, you may administer both items. First, when a search hit (e.g. a term within your search matches within a document) occurs, you may choose the default highlight color as yellow, green, blue, red or orange.

Second, you may create global term highlights that will automatically highlight a term when in the document viewer, regardless if the term was a search hit or not. You also have the option for what highlight color the term will be. To add a new term, click the blue text “add another”. To have multiple terms highlighted with the same color, enter the terms to be highlighted, each separated by semicolons.


Best Practices

Within DISCO you may add up to 5 different colors highlights. We recommend that if you'd like more than one term to be highlighted for each color, separate the terms by a semi-colon. For example, if I wanted the following terms to be highlighted red, I would add the words with a semi-colon between each word, e.g. "Enron; Viper; Contract".

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