Similar documents

Similar documents (also known as near duplicates) are documents that share nearly all of the same text. This feature is not enabled by default in DISCO, but can be turned on for a database by contacting DISCO customer support.

Search similar documents

To find similar documents in your database, add the search syntax similarcount(X to XXX) into your search string, replacing the "X"s with a number or numbers. For example, you could search "similarcount(2)" to find all documents with one other similar document (e.g. to find pairs of similar documents).

View similar documents

There are two ways to view similar documents within DISCO. First, from your search results screen you will see an icon on the left side of the result row (as displayed in the screenshot below). This indicates there are one or more similar documents associated with this document.

Second, navigate from your search results to the document viewer by clicking on a document with the similar document icon displayed. From the viewer, you can navigate between the similar documents via the left sidebar (as seen in the screenshot below).


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