Creating custom productions


To create a custom production:

  1. On the DISCO home page, in the main menu, click Productions.
  2. On the Productions page, click Create New.
  3. On the New Production page, in the Name text box, enter a name for the new production.
  4. In the Documents section, select the documents to include in the production.
  5. In the Stamps section, enter the Bates prefix, starting number, and position for the document stamp.
  6. Click Show advanced options. In the Advanced options section, in the Load file format dropdown, select Custom DAT....
  7. In the Select metadata to include dropdown, select the metadata you would like to include in the production.

  8. You can drag the metadata cards to reorder them, or click the X to remove one. To edit a title, click it and begin typing.
    There are four required load file fields that you can rename but you cannot remove:
    1. Beginning Bates Number (BEGBATES)
    2. Ending Bates Number (ENDBATES)
    3. Beginning Attachment Number (BEGATTACH)
    4. Ending Attachment Number (ENDATTACH)
  9. When you are ready to produce, click Create. Once the production is ready for download, the notification bell will update. The creator of the production will also get an email alert when it has completed.

Custom fields

You may also add custom data fields into your database. During ingest, if requested, custom data is added to document metadata. When you are ready to export these custom fields, follow steps 1-7 above, and select your custom metadata from the dropdown. 

To more information about productions, see Advanced production options.

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