Creating a sample set for a production

Use the DISCO sampling feature to preview a randomized sample of documents that you plan to produce.


Sampling search syntax

  • sample(0.1, “any query”) - gives you 10% of search results set
  • sample(500, “any query”) - gives you a maximum of 500 documents from search results set
  • sample(10%, “any query”) - gives you 10% of search results set

For example:

sample(500, tag(Responsive) % tag(Attorney-Client) % tag(Work-Product))

This search would find a maximum-size 500-document sampling of all documents tagged Responsive but not tagged Attorney-Client or Work-Product. Such a sample could be used for quality control to check the contents of the production set qualitatively. 

Some important items to note:

  • IF you search or refresh the page, it will give you a new random subset of documents.
  • IF you give it a number that is more than the search results, it will give you the total number of search results.
  • IF you use the sample query, sort order for search results is disabled.
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