Propagating tags

Tagging individual documents

When tagging a document, you now have the ability to choose from three different Family propagation options:

  1. This document only” will tag (or remove a tag from) the selected document, without tagging any of its attachments or family members.
  2. Document and attachments” will tag (or removed a tag from) the selected document and tag all attachments below the document in its family (e.g., children, grandchildren).
  3. Entire family” will tag (or remove a tag from) the selected document and tag all other documents in its family (e.g., parents, children, grandchildren).

You also have the option to set any of the three Family propagation options above as your default setting. Please note, even though you may choose which setting is your default, the initial default is set to “Document and attachments.”


In addition, when the document being reviewed is an email, the reviewer can elect to apply changes to all emails in the conversation. Switching the Conversations toggle to “YES” will tag the selected email, as well as all other emails in the conversation. When conversations is toggled on, your family propagation choice will also apply to all emails (and their family members) in the conversation. The Conversations toggle is always defaulted to off, and will reset each time you navigate to a new document.

Please Note: if your database was created on or after 01/10/2017, you will propagate tags to entire conversations via Threaded Conversations Browser.

Tagging multiple documents (Mass tag)

When running a mass tag, you will have the same three tag propagation options as when tagging a single document.


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