Getting started as an admin

Getting Started

Welcome! As you get started, we recommend the following articles:

Prepare your data for DISCO
How do I ingest a new matter/new data into DISCO?
How does DISCO handle duplicate documents?
Managing user roles and permissions

Send Your Data To DISCO

When you are ready to send your data to DISCO, fill out the New Data Form. Then, complete one of the following three options:

  1. FTP Data to DISCO
  2. Send an external hard drive to DISCO
  3. Use the self-service natives uploader

Setup & Review

Once your data has been ingested, read the "Quick Start Guide" for videos and quick, easy instructions on how to set up tags and users, search, mass tag/categorize, and review your documents.

Export Your Documents

Finally, DISCO has several ways to export your documents out of the matter. Your options include:

Getting Help on Your Matter

If you need additional assistance using DISCO, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through live chat (lower left-hand corner of the Help Center screen), email ( or phone (877-941-0583).

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