Navigating DISCO for review admins

These instructions apply to databases that have the organization manager feature in crawl or walk. If you are an organization admin, go here. If you are not an admin, go here.


Navigating the My Matters page

After you log in to DISCO, you will be directed to the My Matters page. This page shows all of the matters and review databases that you have been added to.


You can search for matters and databases using the search bar at the top.

If a matter or database is missing, it may not have been migrated to the new DISCO structure. Click Go to my legacy matters to see these matters and databases.

Each matter in the My Matters page has a card with the following information:


  1. Matter name
  2. Review database name
  3. Client matter number
  4. Jump to review app
  5. Matter menu
  6. Review database menu

What’s the difference between a matter and a database?

Organizations, matters, review databases, and users exist in a hierarchical relationship in DISCO.


Navigating a review database

To navigate to a review database, go to your My Matters page by selecting the home icon, then expand the matter card by clicking Show details. Click the name of the review database.


By default, you will be navigated to the search page, where you can:

You can navigate to other pages in the review database by selecting an option in the main menu.


  • Review Team: Add and remove users and update permissions at the database level
  • Statistics: See the number of documents, pages, tags, users, document types, and custodians in the database.
  • Reports: View and download reports on batch print jobs, document list exports, privilege logs, and ingests.
  • Ingest: Ingest documents into the database.
  • Folders, Tags, Fields, and Redaction Reasons: Add, edit, and delete folders, tags, fields, or redaction reasons.
  • Term Highlights: Edit what terms are highlighted and highlight colors.
  • Search & Review: Navigate to the default search page.
  • Search Visualization: See a visual representation of the database’s documents.
  • Search Term Reports: View, edit, and download search term reports.
  • Manage Review Stages: View, set up, and edit review stages that will be completed by the reviewers.
  • Check Out Batches: Check out a batch of documents for review.
  • Quality Control: Create, view, and review QC samples.
  • Productions: Produce documents.
  • Privilege Log: View and download the privilege log.
  • Exhibit Sets: Create, edit, and download exhibit sets.

Navigating back to the My Matters page

Do you want to go back to a different matter or review database? You can return to the My Matters page at any time by selecting the home icon in the top left of the application.


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